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Hey, Whatcha Reading? 4

Hey, everyone, it's time for November's Hey, Whatcha Reading? This month, I asked my friend (and Friend to the Blog) Emily Edwards of the podcast Fuckbois of Literature what she's been reading.

1. What book(s) are you currently reading?
For the show, I'm knee-deep in a few: Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL (to which the Muppets were *alarmingly* faithful), and two books by Bret Easton Ellis. I do not like them. For fun, I'm reading A BEAUTIFUL POISON (2017, Lake Union Publishing) by Lydia Kang.

2. How far along in the book are you? About 20% through CHRISTMAS CAROL and 50% through A BEAUTIFUL POISON. The first works at a really nice clip, the second is very slow to set up and there are a lot of details the author has chosen to get into before she really delves into the mystery.
3. What is the book about? Since most people have heard of A CHRISTMAS CAROL, I'll go with the poison one. A bisexual, chemistry-obsessed heiress named Allene throws an engagement party…

My "Writing Archives"

My best friend and I have a running joke about my "writing archives" and how I'm leaving it up to her to figure out what to do with them. Don't forget about the Twitter and the blog and the ebooks while you're at it, Bestie.

(Or did we decide that the digital stuff was Jessi's job? I don't remember.)

She once noted: We need to figure out a way to retrieve your text messages, too.
Me: So future folks can see the GIFS I used?

I have a storage box with old writing things in it--which I pretentiously call my archives--so let's examine what I have in said box (and maybe how an archive would actually preserve these things).

So, one. The box I keep my stuff in is clearly not archival. It is not acid-free. It doesn't have a top!  But anyway, as you can see, my 2010 NaNoWriMo Winner's Certificate is on top. I won that NaNo by writing 50,000 words of a Tudors historical story that went nowhere. 
Let's go roughly in chronological order because things…

Writing Advice I Can't Stand Anymore

Writers read and hear a lot of advice. We seek it out in the beginning stages, unsure of what we're doing, hiving headlong into our imaginations--or outlining and being more methodical--and you come across a lot of advice.

Let me tell you, some of this stuff may apply to you. Maybe you still seek out writing advice a lot; I don't. For a while, creative writing advice actively irritated me.

Following are the top ten bits of writing platitudes I don't like:

1. Show, don't tell. 

Or as I put it, "Showy, don't telly." It's fine advice on the surface. Your characters and your scenes come alive more when the writer shows the reader things rather straight out telling them things. But you cannot write an entire book of just showing. The story's got to move and moving the story along is best done with some telling.

2. You must write every day!

Uh, chill, dude. Not everyone has time to write everyday. Or even every single weekend. I don't have a lot of ti…