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Hey, whatcha reading? 3

Hey everyone, it's time for October's Hey, Whatcha Reading? This month, I asked my friend Krystal Jane Ruin what she's been reading in October.

1. What book(s) are you currently reading?

The main reads are The Firemanby Joe Hill (2017, William Morrow), which I think is an adult dystopian thriller, and I’m also reading through the Manga Classics version of Dracula, (by Stacy King, illustrations by Virginia Nitouhei, 2019, Udon Entertainment) which is about Dracula. ^_^

2. How far along in the book are you?

I’m just a couple of chapters into manga Dracula, and I’m 15 chapters into The Fireman, which is page 113 of 738, so not too far.

3. What is the book about?

The Fireman is about a plague that’s sweeping across the planet, a spore that goes by the street name of Dragon Scale that causes people to spontaneously combust, but no one knows when they’re going to go up in flames. We follow a school nurse around who comes down with the spore about a month after getting pregnant.

4. What…


I'm sure I've blogged about POV characters before somewhere on this blog, but hey! This thing's been around for ten years, so who even knows anymore?

Anyway, my friend Krystal mentioned in her post this week about POVs in a story. And just last week, I was talking about the Outlander books with my friends and how I didn't like book eight because there were so many POV characters (8 of them, I think) that I was getting confused between them all.

I've kind of settled into a POV groove in my stories over the last few years. I write in third person. Having had perspective and head-hopping issues in my time, I do my hardest to stay in one person's head at a time. Third-person comes much more naturally to me than first-person narrative. It might be because most of the books I read are in third-person. In fact, I read a few first-person POV books this year, including Next Year in Havana and The Hate U Give and I had to be like, "Oh yeah! I forgot you can write in…

How Library School Has Taught Me To Research Better

Last semester, I was in a required class called Information Sources and Services, which was intended to introduce us library school newbies into the theory, framework, and principles of reference services in a library setting. There are many different types of jobs in libraries and information science, but obvi, reference services are a big part of the patron-facing part.

Anyway, I went into this class figuring I already knew a few things about research. That is, in addition to the occasional research I do at my job in the archives or the resources I know to give to patrons who come to use the archives, I've also done a shit ton of random research dives for past writing projects.

And then I started library school and realized, "Nope. What I thought was *research* was not research." What I was doing was Googling an assortment of plain search terms, through regular Google and GoogleBooks, and sifting through those results---which is fine, but doesn't pass the library s…