Downton Abbey: The Movie

Like I was going to see the Downton Abbey movie and not say anything about it on this blog?

I saw the movie last night. I don't want to put spoilers out there, but it takes place in 1927, so about a year and a half after the series ended. The King and Queen (George V and Queen Mary) are on a royal tour of Yorkshire and say they'll stay at Downton Abbey for a night, which means they require a royal luncheon, there's going to be a military parade in the village, then a fancy dinner.

Of course, this sends the family and servants alike into a tizzy of preparation. Royal servants arrive and take over. The family are all pretty much settled, but they each have their storylines throughout the movie.

The movie felt like a nice Downton hug.

And now I'm going to need some movie continuation fanfiction.


  1. I read that I didn’t have to see the show to enjoy the movie and that watching the movie would make me want to see the show. So I’m thinking about it.

    1. I don't think it's necessary to have seen the show--things are explained pretty well--but it was very much like the TV show and I think seeing even a little bit of the show will help in "getting" some of the characters. Especially Thomas.


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