Questions for the FrankenIdea

1. Can somebody explain the British university system to me, please? Thank you.

2. Can anybody explain the process of a UK country house becoming a business/graded and protected/National Trust home?

3. I could probably research all this, but I'm researched out at the moment. :-)


  1. I wish I knew stuff! We hung out with some students a few nights when I studied abroad, and I've watched videos of British peeps talking about their university experiences. I didn't retain very much, but I don’t think it’s terribly different. The bachelor degree programs are usually only three years over there, instead of four, and then they can go on and get the typical master and doctorate degrees from there, which take a year or four depending on what they’re doing, just like here. They do have extra post graduate diplomas and certificates that aren’t quite like getting a master’s degree. I don’t really understand that, but I think it’s industry specific, so someone can get an extra accounting certificate or something, from my limited understanding. And they also have something that I think is similar to getting an associate degree or going to tech or vocational school, which they can do instead of going to college. I heard a lot of people referring to different levels of education as “levels”. So a college diploma is like level 6, post certs and master degrees are level 7. Someone on level 8 would be getting a doctorate degree. I’m not sure what any other level is.

  2. I hear they study law undergrad?

    1. I think so, though a law degree still requires another year to get a professional law certification. Then there's another two years of training with a law firm before they can practice on their own.

    2. Something weird happened with the Google account to this blog. Testing, testing...


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