Guesting on Fuckbois of Literature podcast!

Hey everyone,

I'm the guest this week on my friend Emily's podcast Fuckbois of Lit!! We talked about the middle grade book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit. I read it in sixth grade and discovered that I completely misremembered everything about that book, yay.

Give a listen here: Apple


Or at any podcast purveyor of your choice--be forewarned, you may have to search under FBoL.

Have any of you read Tuck Everlasting? Or seen the movie version?

Also, can you think of any books with characters who qualify as fuckbois (male, female or other--fuckboi is gender neutral)? If you can, tweet them to @FuckboisofLit! 


  1. I didn’t see the movie. I’m not sure how I missed it. I watched so many movies. I’m pretty sure I read this for accelerated reading points in the 4th grade. Around the same time, I crushed super hard on a 16 year old, and now I wonder if the two are related. Lol! He was a total klepto. Ten year olds aren’t very discerning.

    This was hilarious to listen to. I really question some of the literature that was considered appropriate in the 90s.

    1. If you read it in 4th grade, then you were even younger than I was. Did you get the immortality question as a discussion point about this book,too?

      Thanks! I had lots of fun talking about the book!

    2. The test was more comprehension. I talked to the librarian a lot and she often asked me what I thought about different books I was reading. I don't remember if she asked that, but I was super into vampires later, so knowing me, I was probably all for living forever past a certain age. Lol!

  2. Oh wow. I missed reading that one somehow. Or maybe that was good? I'm listening to the podcast now and loving it!

    1. Yeah, my best friends hadn't read it either! They said it was more fun listening to us dissecting the book than it probably would have been to read it themselves lol


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