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Guesting on Fuckbois of Literature podcast!

“He was just gonna Poland Spring that right up!” -@SunflowerRei in her upcoming FBoL

Guess the title! — FBoL (@FuckboisOfLit) May 4, 2019
Hey everyone,

I'm the guest this week on my friend Emily's podcast Fuckbois of Lit!! We talked about the middle grade book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit. I read it in sixth grade and discovered that I completely misremembered everything about that book, yay.

Give a listen here: Apple


Or at any podcast purveyor of your choice--be forewarned, you may have to search under FBoL.

Have any of you read Tuck Everlasting? Or seen the movie version?

Also, must include: @MsEmilyEdwards and I spent a lot of time wondering what shade of yellow Man in the Yellow Suit's suit — Michelle A (@SunflowerRei) May 26, 2019
Also, can you think of any books with characters who qualify as fuckbois (male, female or other--fuckboi is gender neutral)? If you can, tweet them to @FuckboisofLit…

Queen Victoria's 200th birthday

I missed it by a day, but May 24th was the 200th anniversary of Queen Victoria's birth. She was born in 1819 in Kensington Palace, London, the only daughter of Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent and Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld. Victoria was born during the reign of her grandfather, George III. She was christened Alexandrina Victoria.

Her father was George III's fourth son and--it turned out--that made Victoria an heir to the throne. Her older cousin Charlotte--the only legitimate heir to the throne, daughter of George the Prince Regent--had died in 1817 after childbirth. Her baby was stillborn, so once again, George III's immediate heirs were his first four sons: George, Frederick, William, and Edward. George and Frederick were old and hated their wives. William had a ton of children from an invalid marriage, left his sort-of wife and kids, and like his brother Edward, found a German princess to marry. He and Edward married on the same day.

Edward died in January 1820. A…

Questions for the FrankenIdea

1. Can somebody explain the British university system to me, please? Thank you.

2. Can anybody explain the process of a UK country house becoming a business/graded and protected/National Trust home?

3. I could probably research all this, but I'm researched out at the moment. :-)

Last Week in Library School...

*pops head up*

Oh, hi.

So, I had a many and varied week this past week, an interesting mix of fun and school.

First, school: I have something like three more weeks until this semester is over. Of course, I have finals coming up, but I also have a research paper to write, a sort of study/presentation thing to do, and other shenanigans.

I had two presentations last week--one was a group presentation, which was stressful. I admit that I don't like presentations period. I hate talking in front of groups of people. I'm also not loud and am very small, which doesn't help when being forced to present things. The second presentation last week was me solo with a PowerPoint and some notes for a different class and frankly, that one was far less stressful.

And yet, though I was nervous before both presentations, it was not the depth of existential anxiety I've faced in the past simply talking in front of others, never mind standing in front of a room and talking to them. I think …