A Plot Bunneh Question

Guys, I have a quick question:

Okay, so as stated in a past post Stately, Country English Houses, part of my latest Plot Bunny involves a smallish country house built in the Victorian era. The house belonged to an old woman, who inherited it from her parents. Now, the old woman's family is trying to decide what to do with the house. Do they try to build up a case to get it listed in the register of historical buildings? It's not old enough to be automatically listed, so they need to show it has historical significance.

Or maybe they'll turn it into a business venue or some type. Either way, the task is left to my contemporary hero, Liam, a half-Irish, half-English thirtysomething year old man. This is his mother's family, the side he's not very close to, having been raised in Ireland by his dad after his parents divorced. Liam has always perceived his mum's side as being secretive, but when asked by Mum to help clean the house up and hire an architect, a decorator, and an archivist to comb through the house's papers, photos, and books, Liam does so.

My question is: what kind of career should Liam be in (in London) to be handed this task of organizing all of this? Is he a lawyer? Does he work in the hospitality industry, so he might know about country houses and how they can be accomodations for businesses or hotels or whatever? Does he work for a property developer? Is he some kind of professor in an unrelated field, but clearly very responsible, mature, and capable?

I haz no idea.



  1. The idea’s coming together! ^_^

    I guess he could be a lawyer. Or an architect. And a party or event planner would be fun. They have to be organized and know all the best places to have gatherings and what all is involved in setting that up. They probably work with a lot of businesses and wealthy people.

    1. I'm leaning toward lawyer, but maybe not a property type of lawyer. I want there to be some surprises for him during this process. Can't let them be too comfy!


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