Reading Challenge: 30 Books Read!

I have reached 30 out of 35 books read in this year's self-imposed reading challenge. As usual, here are the books and links to my reviews below!


  1. Whoop, whoop! ^_^

    Pretty eclectic update. Rejected Princesses is waiting for me to have money next month. Lol! And I'm pretty tempted to pick up Crazy Rich Asians for some reason. I think it's the fun aspect.

    1. Lol yeah I achieved eclectic this time around. 5 more to goal!

      Rejected Princesses is AMAZING. You'll love it. And Crazy Rich Asians was fun. Tbh, I found the book kind of irritating in places, but the movie was great!

  2. That's an intriguing list. Good for you!

  3. Yay! And that's an interesting list. Rejected Princesses is on my TBR. I hadn't heard of Mochi Queen...looks cute!


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