My Fave Broadway Moments

My friends and I went to see Pretty Woman: The Musical on Friday night, which isn't the point of this post because just twenty-four hours later, I've forgotten the vast majority of the music--still, the performances were amazing. Orfeh nearly sang the roof off. Andy Karl was charming, though my friends and I missed his cheekiness from Groundhog Day last year. And Samantha Barks, in her Broadway debut, was definitely a star.

Having said that, seeing the show--my first since seeing Moulin Rouge! in July--got me back to thinking of my Broadway romance series idea. And it made me recall a lot of special theater moments I've been lucky to experience:

-that time I won a lottery ticket for Rent, during the time Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal--the original Mark and Roger--were back in the show for a limited run--and my friend and I got to sit front row center
-Watching Audra McDonald tap dance in Shuffle Along while she was very pregnant
-Bandstand, the end of "Right This Way." Corey Cott taking a breath and singing the very end of the song even higher (and he'd been pretty high already)
-All of Groundhog Day, but especially Andy Karl's facial expressions
-Sebastian Stan's abs in Picnic
-Aaron Tveit's "Roxanne" growl
-Corey Cott, again, singing the "This Is Life" reprise to Laura Osnes
-Once On This Island: Lea Salonga was just down the aisle from me, singing.
- How gorgeous "Falling Slowly" was in Once
-Hamilton. That is all.
-David Cook in Kinky Boots. I geeked out on this in this post. 


  1. I downloaded "Falling Slowly" after seeing you talk about it. Lol! It was on one of my past story playlists. Only Broadway song to make it onto a playlist to date.

    I didn't know there was a Pretty Woman musical. That's interesting.

    1. When I do playlists, they tend to be at least 80% Broadway these days.

  2. Another source for playlists. Cool!

    1. I love a good musical 'cause they're well suited to stories already.


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