Ancestry updates

So, random Ancestry update here:

I received an email that one of my uncles and my cousin, I think, took an Ancestry test. (Well, Ancestry actually said, "Hey, you have close relatives on this thing now!") At the same time, Ancestry DNA said it had an update for me based on their tests becoming more refined:

Guys, they updated the Asian side!

And I guess I'm not part Finnish or Iberian or it's a really trace amount.

Still waiting on the 23andme results!

To read part one of this series, check it out here: Ancestry and WeGene


  1. I saw my changes, too! The percentages didn't change much, but the African countries changed a bit, and then they added more Middle Eastern, and my Scandinavian also went up, but my British percentage stayed the same.

    So I have 67% African (33% Congo & Cameroon, 22% Benin/Togo, 8% Mali, 2% Ivory Coast & Ghana, and 1% each for Nigeria and Senegal), 25% European (mostly British/Scottish at 18%, with Scandinavian {Norway & Sweden} being 4% and French being 3%), and then there's 6% Middle Eastern (namely Turkey), and 2% Native American.

    Regardless, I still like to say that I'm from all over the world. But I'm totally tripping over that even split you have! Like how do genes split so perfectly like that?

  2. Wow, you're a real mix!

    I don't have the 23andme results yet so I'm curious to see what they say. My suspicion is that there are still trace amounts of other European on my Irish side--maybe it's just that Ancestry finally figured out that those trace amounts of Spanish, Viking, and others are just really typical in Ireland?

    And I suspect that there's Chinese or Korean or maybe even Vietnamese on the Japanese side, but since Ancestry just identified my Asian side as Japanese, they may not be at the point where they're identifying trace amounts of Asian? Idk.

  3. I've been considering doing one of the ancestry services for my kids. I figured they'd get a mega mix considering both me and my husband's backgrounds. This makes me want to do the test even more!

    1. That'd be fun! Different services offer different things, too, so depending on what you're interested in. I have a post coming up in October on my 23andme results.


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