Writing Muscles

A few weeks ago, I was listening to Smart Bitches, Trashy Podcast and Sarah Wendell mentioned something about "writing muscles"--how her nonfiction writing muscles are strong because she runs and writes on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, which is a romance novel review blog.

And I find that it is sort of true, in a way--that certain types of writing come more easily to me than others or that some types of writing feel like more like a struggle if I haven't done it in awhile.

And that got me thinking about my writing muscles and where they're at these days. My fiction writing muscles are slow but still strong--I'm outlining one thing and writing something else fictional. But then I was like, "Yeah, well, maybe my nonfiction muscles are stronger."

I mean, I have the blog and the other project I'm tinkering around with is mostly nonfiction. And my favorite writing class in college was Creative Nonfiction. I can trace a direct line between the eternal monologue in my mind to my diary to  Creative Nonfiction class to "my blog writing voice."

So, what do you think are your stronger writing muscles? What kind of writing muscles do you think you have?


  1. I journal and blog a lot, and I also work on various novel-type stories a lot, so I'm sure those muscles can do some pretty heavy lifting. That said, I do think skills and muscle tone vary by genre and length and personal level of interest. I blog all the time, but I think if I had to write memoir, I'd pitch a fit. In that same vein, I write novels all the time, but if I even think about writing a short story, I'm stressed. Speaking of stress and podcasts, there's a new one I want to check out about being productive and not stressing out so much or something. I need to make time for that. Haha.

    1. It's the weirdest thing that I've written so many short stories because I hated writing them in college, but I actually like writing them now, so that writing muscle is stronger than my novel writing ones, where I seem to be lacking plotting skills or something.


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