Gettin' Organized

At some point in a person's life, you look around your space and go, "Where did all this shit in this room come from?"

I get this feelng every-so-often and that usually results in papers being thrown out, clothes being sorted into "donate," "give to my aunt," or "used as rags until they perish" piles, and sending books I no longer have feelings for to the depths of Amazon so someone else can read and buy them.

I was getting that itchy "this pile of crap needs to be organized" feeling not long ago--and it was particular to this pile I've had next to my blue recliner (where I'm sitting as I write this; in fact, I do a lot of writing in this chair) on my botton bookshelf. The bottom part of the pile is my "writing archive"--a binder of college stuff, manuscripts, and notebooks--things I've worked on that I'm not willing to part with.

The top of the pile was a purple box in which I kept my Playbills, ticket stubs, and other "See, you leave the house sometimes" paraphernalia.

Well, the box with the Playbills had long ago exploded as I kept putting more things in there and I was looking for a storage option. My friend Jess mentioned that was having a sale on Playbill binders--they are heavy duty binders with plastic archival sleeves meant to keep your Playbills in place, unfaded. The binders I got take about 24 Playbills each.

I had to get two Playbill binders and there are still a few outliers I ran out of space for. But now everything's all organized! 

Then my cousin mentioned that he owed me a birthday gift, I asked him for two organization bins. 

So now all my "papers" are in the bigger bin. 


  1. I need one of those binders in my life! I have 10 years of playbills just sitting on my bookshelf. I did recently get a small storage container for some random crap that was on my coffee table, but I didn’t know playbill binders existed! How are you organizing them? By year? Alphabetical? ^_^

    I may or may not geek out when it comes to organizing.

    1. You can get the binders at! The sale's over, but they might have another one. I organized them by date--doubled a few older ones, then singled the rest--playbill in front, ticket behind the cardboard thing in the pouch that keeps the playbill straight :-)


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