A new Research page

Last Monday, I received a really sweet email from a blog reader who said that some of the sources I had listed on my Blog Roll page helped her writing group students with this month's genre assignment of "historical fiction" !!

What I'm writing at the moment isn't historical fiction and I'm not 100% sure when I'll get back to historical fiction, but I'm sure I will.

But that email made me go take a look at my Blog Roll page. Some of the links are totally helpful for research of various kinds, but it's all Internet-based and they're not necessarily all geared toward researching for historical fiction.

So then I decided to go through nine years of blog posts (nine. years. I feel old) and organize them onto one page--the new Research page. Any research-y post I've written about the Regency or the Victorians is linked on that page, along with a list of books I've read, whether it was for research or for fun. Everything is divided by century or historical period or era.

It's in the menu bar above, but here is the official link for official purposes:



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