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Word Choices!

I came across this video on my Twitter feed this afternoon:
Go ahead and watch. It's not very long. I'll wait. 
Yes, it's a press launch/ preview video for Lobby Hero, a Kenneth Lonergan play starring Chris Evans, which opens on Broadway in March. Yes, I'm going to see it. Yes, it feeds my interest in Broadway, which feeds my inspiration in my contemporary romance idea. Yes, it's Chris Evans' Broadway debut and that's very exciting. Yes, I'm still occasionally Internet-stalking Chris Evans.

But the thing my friend Jess and I found ourselves talking about after watching this video:

Bloviate. Temerity. Gauche. Or what we would call "SAT Words."

I had to look them up. And yes, he uses them correctly, so my reaction was, "Well, shit."

I'm not the kind of writer who uses SAT Words in her writing; at least, not the really far-out variations of vocabulary, the kind th…

February's always been a weird month for me

February's always been a weird month for me.

It's the dead of winter up here in the northeast, with very up and down temperatures and strange weather altogether. During adolescence and up into my early twenties, I used go into an almost-legendary annual February depression. Thinking back on it, I think it was mostly Seasonal Affective problems and hormone issues which collided during the shortest month of the year.

Of course, sometimes depression results in really creative endeavors and ideas--back when I was in college, I kind of ascribed to that weird notion that writers were generally depressive, that creatives were generally depressive--and though I'm fighting off a sore throat/headache/very tired/PMS combo I've had for a few days, I am trying my best to feel creative after a few weeks where all I've wanted to do is read and sleep. #Hibernation

So, for starters: this blog was born during a February--nine years ago now. How's that for creative? In the spirit…

What Does That Say?: A Family Tree Odyssey

On Sunday, February 4th, there was an episode of the show Victoria on PBS--Victoria being the show that fills the Downton Abbey and The Crown-filled holes in my need for British costume dramas--which dealt with the Irish Potato Famine. 
I watched it with extreme interest and a bit of trepidation. Since the show is about the monarch who reigned during the Potato Famine, I wondered how much the show would fictionalize. I've been hearing about the Potato Famine my entire life; it looms large in Irish immigrant families, even though my family didn't leave Ireland during the Famine. 
By the 1840s, the majority of Irish-Catholics were smallholders---tenant farmers. (Catholics weren't allowed to own land in Ireland by the 1840s). They raised livestock and crops for their landlords but most of that grain, meat, and dairy were exported from Ireland to England. 
A huge number of Irish-Catholic tenant farmers relied on the potato as their only source of food. When a blight hit the p…


It's time for IWSG--the Insecure Writer's Support Group. We post our writerly insecurities and release them to the world on the first Wednesday of every month. Check us out here.

This month's question: What do you love about the genre you write in most often?

I'm in the midst of exploring other genres right now, actually. I have a few ideas for some creepy dark short stories (because I had fun writing "Haunted Lake") and I'm working on the beginnings of a contemporary romance series.

But up until now, I guess I've mostly written somewhere in the historical genre. 

What do I love about the historical genre? I love reading about history in the form of a story--because that's when history comes alive for me. I love learning through the eyes of characters. I like all the nerdy details that come with historicals, even if I'm taking a break from historical fiction for a bit.