BroadwayCon 2018!

My friends and I went to the last day of BroadwayCon this year, like we did last year. The convention ran from Friday to Sunday, though we only did the Sunday (mostly because that's when the First Look Broadway show previews were).

And this year, it can be considered "research" for my latest writing project!

To be clear, I'm a theater fan, not a performer. I've never had the instinct to perform; I'm shy and I'd rather observe. Which is sort of what I did at the Con. And my friends are kind of the same way. One of them dances--and she took a dance class today at the Con--but while we're theater people, we're not really theater people.

We'd agreed some time ago on doing an homage-cosplay to Bandstand, our sadly short-lived fave musical of 2017, so we dressed in vintage-y dresses. But man, some people really commit to cosplay! We saw two Elphabas (in full green makeup), a Hermione (because of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child coming soon), some Cats, many Newsies...

My favorite panel today was The Interval Presents A Conversation With Betsy Wolfe and Phillipa Soo, a fifty minute conversation with Besty Wolfe (Waitress) and Phillipa Soo (Hamilton, Amelie) about theater and feminism. They brought up interesting angles and ideas on the kinds of parts they play as actresses, how they nurture their creative sides with their practical or political sides, and on reclaiming words. It was SO thought-provoking and interesting. I was scribbling in this little notebook I keep in my bag at all times now afterwards. 

My favorite singing--naturally, there was a LOT of singing. But during the panel on composer Lynn Ahrens and how she has two shows she wrote on Broadway right now (Once On This Island and Anastasia), Christy Altomare sang a song from Anastasia. And you could tell that she was the song, on her stage, in character. It was beautifully sung, but really fascinating to see as well. 

And the YouTube song party we had at the MainStage between panels was fun!! They just put up Broadway-related clips of people singing on the screens there and we sang along.


  1. Research! ^_^

    I'm so jealous that Cursed Child is in New York soon! I want to see it so bad! I wonder if the Anastasia songs have any relation to the cartoon from years ago. That movie had some beautiful music.

    1. Yup, that's the Anastasia! They've added a lot of songs, I think, and I don't think Rasputin's a creature anymore but a person, but yes.

  2. I'm jealous...especially since you can call this research. Glad you had fun!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I've always liked Lynn Ahrens - the music from the original Anastasia was great, and Ragtime is one of my all-time favorite musicals. One of these days I'll make a better effort to get down to the Con!

    1. I love Ragtime. It's one of my favorite musical. I like Anastasia, too, though I haven't seen Anastasia on Broadway yet. I went through a Romanov phase in junior high school--it's the confluence of history nerd and theater goer.


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