2017 reading challenge: the stats

So, what did I read this year?

From Goodreads:

Out of the 35 books I read this year, 25 were fiction, was poetry, 9 were nonfiction. (In 2016, I read 18 nonfiction books. Then again, my reading goal was higher by 9 books in 2016).

Of the 9 nonfiction:
-1 was a travel guide
-1 was a memoir
-2 were about romance as a writing genre
-1 was about self-publishing
-4 were history, specifically British history; 1 of these was the history of Indians living in Britain

Of the 25 fiction:
-6 were historical fiction
-7 were historical romance; 1 of these was a novella and another was a collection of 3 novellas
-2 were contemporary romance; 1 was contemporary women's fiction with a heavy romantic element
-1 was historical mystery
-1 was contemporary YA
-1 was contemporary adult
-1 was cozy mystery; another one was a mystery/adventure
-3 were fantasy; 1 was steampunk, 1 had paranormal and supernatural aspects, and the other was a fantasy retelling

Overall, 30 of the books I read this year were written by or contributed to by women authors.

-11 of the books had a non-white protagonist, major characters, or subject
-15 of the books had a non-white author or contributors


  1. Yay, stats! ^_^
    My reading wasn’t very diverse at all. Mostly paranormal/fantasy and graphic novels. Will probably be the same next year. Lol!

    1. I didn't think my reading this year was all that diverse, actually, but in laying out, I think I got a variety of genres. Yay!

  2. A great mix! I'm not sure what mine looks like (am going to have to figure it out) but I'm betting it was heavy on the paranormal/fantasy end. Oh, and picture books. I have no clue why picture books sky-rocketed this year on my front. Huh.

    1. Yeah, you seem to be reading a lot of picture books. They're fun!


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