Accurately Titled Novels and a travel notice

First order of business: I came across a really funny writing-related album on the Facebook: Accurately Titled Novels.

While giggling in glee at the titles (Especially the one about winning the Booker Prize, but no one's actually read the ending), I came across this one, which I think is related to my general aesthetic:

From Writers' HQ
So, I actually wouldn't mind finding this particular stock photo for the draft I'm writing now, since it's a historical mainly focused around a woman who happens to have red hair.


Second order of business: I'm going away for a few days with my only girl cousin (Girl trip!). I've no need to be cryptic about this trip, but you know, they say not to post stuff about trips on social media, which seems pretty sound advice to me. We're going to Ireland!

We won't be gone very long though, so behave yourselves!

But I shall come back with pictures and I hope, lots of anecdotes and factoids and stories--and I'm taking a notebook with me so I can jot things down (and outline the rest of the current draft, so I can hit the ground running when I'm back). I'm going to persuade my cousin, who dabbles in writing, to help me come up with a fun series of trip-related blog posts. Maybe she'll agree to guest post! 

See ya!


  1. How exciting!!! That's number one on my travel list! Yes, bring pictures! ^_^ Have a great time! I'm going to stop by the title album.

  2. I love Ireland! There's so much history, and the landscape...*sigh* Wish I could sneak into your suitcase and take a peek too. Have tons of fun and enjoy!

  3. Yay! Have fun in Ireland! Maybe take a camera and you can an Irish girl with her hair up like that so you can get a picture? 😉 Well, it was an idea anyway! Can't wait to see your landscape shots from this trip! I know you will have an incredible time, Michelle!


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