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Goodreads Reading Challenge: 20 Books Read!


Opening Lines

Not very long ago, writing buddy Krystal wrote a post with the opening lines of her older writings and they were raw and often hilarious.

Recently, as I've been going on a cleaning binge, I piled a lot of writing-related stuff in one place.

(Note: should I ever warrant it, those things would probably comprise "my papers.")

It's a mix of stuff from elementary school through to post-graduate, most of it fiction, most of it unfinished.

Here are a few opening lines from a few key pieces:

Reasons Why I'm Changing Things in My Draft: A List

Reasons why I duplicated my draft document and decided to change a few very essential things when I was already over 24, 000 words:

1. Somewhere around two thousand words ago, I noticed that my characters, Jane Windham and Miles Keegan--who, mind you, are the couple in this quasi-historical romance or historical fiction with romantic elements--were still doing their own thing and not moving towards each other at all. Not even thinking about each other!

2. Because Jane is widowed in the beginning of this story. The very beginning. She's going through grief and legalities and she'd just met her husband's cousin/heir/person I had trouble not naming James and I was pretty damn bored. Jane is artistic and active, but also a definite Mama Bear to her daughter and, like, just no.

3. Miles, of course, lost his wife in Pearl, some five years ago by this point in the chronology. His deal this time around is divesting himself of some business interests, gaining some new ones, and bec…


It's the first Wednesday of July and that means IWSG time! Woot-Woot! I hope the Americans in the crowd had a good Independence Day. You can check out the IWSG here!

Let me see--insecurities. 1) Why am I such a slow writer? I'm at 23K on my draft, I've realized it's not  a historical romance but a historical with romantic elements (the romance people who read this will understand), and yeah.
2) I'm not sure how I feel about giving away my work for free, but Smashwords has a month-long sale for July. Both Pearl and "When Mary Left" are free with use of a coupon code for the entire month. Only available at Smashwords.

Frankly, I like being paid for my work but indie authors can't always be choosers. So far, the sale seems to be moving product.

On to this month's question:

What is one valuable lesson you've learned since writing?

So. Many. But I'll focus on how valuable research is because it's on my mind right now. If you want to be an a…