Japan Trip: Food Part 2

We had Chinese food--well, the Japanese version of it--twice: once in Hakone and once in Tokyo. Both times, we ate family style and both times, it was flavorful but not the greasy and overly sauced foods that we in New York get from our Chinese take-out restaurants, which usually find some way to upset my stomach.

The second time we had Chinese, the food was placed on a lazy Susan and we took what we wanted of the dumplings and fried rice and beef.

I had a light lunch with my aunt and her friends one afternoon in Ginza, in a French-inspired tea shop called Le Mariage, where we each had an individual pot of tea and super pretty plates. I had crab and carrots wrapped in a spring-roll like thing with a sweet orange dressing (or so I was able to glean from the menu, which was written in French and Japanese. Sometimes, the four years of French I took in high school come in somewhat handy).

I had Thai food in Shibuya with some friends the night before it was time to come home. I enjoy Thai food, but I cannot do spicy, so I always get it mild at home. But there was no "can you make it milder for me, please," option so we did our best to choose a variety of foods that weren't overtly spicy--but it was still pretty spicy, at least to us. There are a fair number of Thai immigrants in Tokyo, so the workers in the restaurant were definitely, genuinely Thai and we shared dishes that I hadn't had in my forays into Thai food at home.

My friends also took me to a wafu restaurant--I think it was in Omotesando or Harajuku--where the menu consisted of the Japanese version of spaghetti--all kinds of spaghetti. Spaghetti with salmon roe. Spaghetti carbonara. Spaghetti with little sardines.

I went with the spaghetti with avocadoes and shrimp.  It came with a daikon salad and a cup of soup. I now have this urge to try to recreate this dish.


  1. Le Mariage! I think I know enough French to find something to eat. I would love that experience though - reading a menu entirely in another language. Those noodles look so good!!

  2. That spaghetti place would be my daughter's heaven on earth. I love hearing about the food, but then, food is a wonderful thing :)


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