2016 Reading Challenge: Finished!

Well, I have finally reached my 44 book reading challenge goal in 2016.

Next year, I'm thinking I'll go for a lower goal (I have some writing projects on the horizon, after all) but anyway, here is the list from number 34 to 44

34. Lady of Devices (Magnificent Devices #1) by Shelley Adina. Fiction/Fantasy/Steampunk/YA/Historical Fiction/Victorian England. 2 stars.

35. The Plantagenets: The Warrior Kings and Queens Who Made England by Dan Jones. Nonfiction/History/Medieval/England. 4 stars.

36. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. Nonfiction/History/Biography/Science/Medical. 4 stars.

37. Kindred by Octavia E. Butler. Fiction/Science Fiction/Historical Fiction. 4 stars.

38. Forbidden (Old West #1) by Beverley Jenkins. Fiction/Romance/Historical/Western. 3 stars.

39. The Winter Crown (Eleanor of Aquitaine #2) by Elizabeth Chadwick. Fiction/Historical Fiction/Fictional Biography/Medieval/England/France. 4 stars.

40. The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister #0.5) by Courtney Milan. Fiction/Romance/Historical/Novella. 4 stars.

41. Fighting Demons (Hunting Monsters #2) by SL Huang. Fiction/Fantasy/Short Story. 4 stars.

42. Smashwords Book Marketing Guide by Mark Coker. Nonfiction/Writing/Publishing/Marketing. 3 stars.

43. Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. Fiction/Historical Fiction/Caribbean. 2 stars.

44. 1984 by George Orwell. Fiction/Science Fiction/Fantasy/Dystopian. 5 stars

So, that's the final list, but below the cut are the stats and breakdown:

Goodreads gave me a breakdown of my 2016 Year In Books.

Of 44 books, 26 were fiction, 18 were nonfiction. (In 2015, I read 5 nonfiction books). 

Out of the fiction:
19 were historical fiction or had historical elements
6 were novellas, short stories, or anthologies
1 was a children's novel

Of the 18 nonfiction:
1 was a companion book to a fictional television series
4 had to do with writing or publishing or creativity
12 were history, either biographies, collection of letters, and a memoir
1 was a science book; another was a science book with a biographical aspect to it

Overall, 32 of the books I read this year were written by women.
10 of the books I read had a non-white protagonist or non-white nonfiction subject.
15 were written/contributed to by non-white authors or authors of color


  1. Hooray!! My reading list wasn't very diverse this year, but it should be more varied next year. I did technically reach my reading goal, but a couple of those books may it may not have been Dr. Seuss books. Lol!

    Great job this year! ^_^

    1. I want to read some doorstopper-sized books next year, so I think the goal may be lower, but the page count might go higher? I guess we'll see!

  2. Wow, congratulations for keeping up with such a busy reading list! Mine wasn't even a fraction of that! lol

    1. Yeah, it was a little much, I think :-) I had fun, but around October, it became a bit of a drag.

  3. Looks like you did okay. Congrats, and best of the season to you. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette


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