NaNo '16: Day 7

Current Word Count: 8,105 words
Where NaNo Says I'm Supposed To Be On Day 7: 11,666

This is my fifth NaNoWriMo and unlike past NaNos, I'm behind by quite a bit. Three thousand words is no joke, y'all! However, because I'm writing short stories this year (a whole mess of them), there's a new little spark when I begin a new story and that keeps me writing a bit longer and writing more, which is good.

Win NaNo this year or not, I want to have a few shorts that I can configure and maybe sell in 2017. That's the real end goal here.

The last time I did NaNo was in 2014.

Things That Have Happened Since the Last Time I Did NaNoWriMo in 2014:

In 2014,  I wrote 50,000 words of an early version of my Victorian not-yet-finished novel. Since then, I have:
-written and published Pearl
-written a short story, revised the short story, published the short story as "When Mary Left."
-continually written and stopped and started on that Victorian novel
-become a Distracto Monster when it came to the Internet

So I'm not dependent on NaNo to help me reach the end of a project anymore--just to maybe help quicken my usual snaily process.

So far, I have finished my first short story, "Haunted Lake" and moved on to my second, "The New Bride of Banner's Edge."

Here's a bit from "Haunted Lake":

Kimiko and Chris drank coffee in silence the next morning. Her hair was damp from her shower. His nose was buried in a magazine they'd picked up from the check-in office yesterday called The Monadnock Region.
She had never known Chris to play golf. His dad did, which was probably why his parents had this place as a timeshare. Were they going to attempt the links? The only time she'd played golf was miniature golf on a family vacation. Did they have mini golf here? That'd be cool. Maybe not a full weekend sort of cool, but still…
"Oh," Chris said to himself.
"Haunted Lake."
She scrunched up her face. "Haunted Lake? What's that?"
            "Well, its real name is Scobie Pond, but yeah, Haunted Lake. It's close. We used to go there when we came up here. Want to check it out?"
She took a long sip of coffee, swallowed, then asked, "Uh, why's it called Haunted Lake?" She didn't consider herself an expert on lake nomenclature, but there had to be a reason why a lake was called "haunted."
Chris leaned back. "Well, there are a lot of stories about that, I think. Someone told me about a fire that happened on the shores once. But it's seriously gorgeous. It's not even ten minutes away."
She shrugged. "All right."
"Maybe we'll go to town first? It's quaint and New England-y." His very blue eyes searched her eyes out. "Let's go be in nature, Kim."
Be in nature? Did that phrase seriously pour out her boyfriend's mouth? Chris was the most Internet-addicted person she knew. The man couldn't live without wi-fi. He liked doing city things: cafes, the ability to walk two minutes from their apartment and see both people and actual civilization, skinny jeans. Be in nature? And he wasn't being ironic?

            She took a longer sip of coffee. What else didn't she know about him?


  1. The story I began went totally off the rails. I still like it but I need to think it through better. I'll be starting another later in the week or I may never get anywhere.

    Keep plugging along. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

    1. Ah. Yeah. Every draft I've gotten out of NaNo has been an unadulterated mess. These stories haven't turned out that way so far--it's just finding the time and motivation to write a lot of words.

  2. Haunted Lake!! Looks promising. ^_^ "The New Bride of Banner's Edge" is a good title, too. I've barely done any writing this month. Sick and tired with a cough that won't die, but that's not a good excuse. I could write some if I tried. I'm being attacked by plot bunnies, I think. It's very distracting.

    1. Yeah, we'll see if I push through NaNo or not.

  3. Love the idea of 'Haunted Lake'! Good job so far in NaNo. Like Krystal, my writing is pretty scarce this month. Which is crazy since I was hoping to be a writing-beast. Oh well. Keep it up!

  4. 3000 words isn't nothing, but I'm betting you can catch that up. I've also been a distracto-monster. Not sure what's going on, but we all hit those lows.


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