"When Mary Left": A Short Story is now available!

A new short story is now available for purchase on Amazon!

When Mary Left

In 1793 Boston, Mary Dawkins faces the ultimate turning point: an unwanted pregnancy.

99 cents!

As usual, all reviews are welcome and seriously appreciated!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Yay! Company for Pearl! ^_^ This was so unexpected!! I love the cover! Kudos! I just grabbed my copy. ^_^

    1. LOL! I seem to make self-publishing decisions quickly. My editor had time over the weekend, so I sent it to her and formatted it yesterday, so...up it went!

      Company for Pearl! LOL!

      Thanks for grabbing it! It's a short, quick read.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's at #12 in one of its categories right now!!

  3. Congrats! The cover is lovely :)

  4. Sweet! I love shorts. They totally fit into my life right now.

    1. I think they fit into a lot of peoples' lives right now: busy people, people who want to read something quick during a lunchbreak or a commute or just before bed...


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