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Self-Publishing Promotions

One of the things I struggle with in Indie Author Life are the promotional aspects.

1. I make peanuts on my self-published work, so although I think everyone should read them, how do you reach everyone on peanuts?
2. I'm not naturally a "look at me" kind of person (more of a "why are you looking at me?" kind of person), so I don't like to bombard social media with things about my work.

In trade publishing, the publisher often has a marketing and publicity department to take care of promotional things, though an author is expected to promote and market the work more and more these days.

Things I've Done To Promote:

-Obviously, social media.

-Make wicked easy graphics using PowerPoint or, when I have something to promote, like a new story or a Kindle Countdown Deal. People seem to respond to pictures more readily than a block of text on an author Facebook page.

-A few blogging friends were kind enough to review my book on their blog or interv…

The Upcoming NaNo Thing

First of all, a bit of promotional business:

"When Mary Left" is now in Kindle Unlimited, so if you're in that or have Amazon Prime, you can read it for free! Otherwise, the story is 99 cents.

To celebrate the short story being out, Pearl is on Kindle Countdown for a bit.

So, what's next?

Well, I'm still working on the draft of the Victorian story. It's going to take a bit, I'm going to try not to rush it.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo the other day. Instead of writing 50,000 words of dreck (as I've done in the past), I'm going to write a bunch of short stories, maybe a novella. I plan on revising them and releasing them or submitting them to whatever next year. Basically, I'm writing myself a backlog

I have a few ideas:

-A story about Julius, Pearl's brother.

-A story based on a marriage certificate I found: an Englishman and an Asian woman get married in Nagasaki, Japan in 1895.

-A weird speculative idea I've had in the my head for a bit:…

"When Mary Left": A Short Story is now available!

A new short story is now available for purchase on Amazon!
When Mary Left

In 1793 Boston, Mary Dawkins faces the ultimate turning point: an unwanted pregnancy.
Available on Amazon
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99 cents!
As usual, all reviews are welcome and seriously appreciated!

It's #IndieAuthorDay

Today is Indie Author Day!

There were events at libraries across the country talking about indie publishing and since I'm so far an indie-published author, I thought I'd talk a bit about independent publishing.

"Independent from what?" Some ask.

When I was studying publishing in college and grad school, independent publishing wasn't even something we talked about and justifiably so, since this was before the Kindle. The large publishing houses are big corporations. They are mostly trade publishers. Trade publishers publish in the established ways.

Smaller, independent publishers also publish in the established model, but they're often tiny--sometimes they're more niche, sometimes they're more cutting edge than the bigger publishing houses (because they need to be to keep competitive in the market). Sometimes they're associated with larger companies (like the many publishing arms of Amazon or Smashwords or another things).

So when we say "indi…

IWSG: Story Cooking Time

It's time for IWSG: The Insecure Writer's Support Group comes together every first Wednesday of the month to vent. Check out the group here.

Well. It's October. Let's see what's up in my writing world:

--September wrapped up with a story I was about to get published not being published. My rights have reverted back to me, but I haven't gone through the story yet to see how much of it I want to rip apart and revise. I remember there were parts I didn't particularly care for the last time I read it, which was sometime around May or so.

--The novel draft is still plugging along and still going a bit more slowly than I'd like, but advancing nonetheless. At least I write faster than Diana Gabaldon and George R.R. Martin? :-)

--I have an idea to write four or five short story/novella/novellettes in November for NaNo, then figure out which ones I might want to submit, self-publish, expand into a longer idea...

Which brings me around to the IWSG October questi…

Genre, Literary, and Upmarket Fiction

For a while now, I've been aware that I don't write what's known in publishing circles as "genre fiction."

Of course, most fiction fits into a genre or at least, a category--they're not necessarily the same thing--but genre fiction, specifically, means that a book is commerical (so, basically, it has a broad appeal) and it fits into specific, easily-identifiable genres--it's a romance novel, it's a thriller, it's a mystery, it's fantasy, horror, sci-fi, blah blah. They're entertaining reads, they're often fast-paced, they satisfy a reader's genre expectations, they have strong writing hooks, and broad audience appeal. Many of my writing friends write genre fiction and that's awesome.

But I was never really sure if I fit into that.

Historical fiction is a genre, but it isn't necessarily "genre fiction." It's not often published in mass market paperbacks, for one thing, and with the higher word count historicals…