100 pages + Some Promo!

I hit 100 pages of this Victorian mish-mash of a novel! Yay! It's actually feeling engrossing again!

I mean, 100 pages is about the length of that there novella that I wrote and released last year, so while this story is far from finished (I literally cannot wait for NaNo, where I think I might write a bunch of short stories), I have a very good idea of where I am in StoryWorld.

In other random bits and pieces:

So far, I've had ten sales of Pearl in July. I have no idea where this uptick of sales is coming from (Bestie: "Maybe a book club's reading it!"), but I'm grateful to anyone who downloaded it!

Thus far, I've not done much--if any--promotion for Pearl, since a) it's a first release, b) it's a novella, and c) I keep reading that the best thing an indie author can do is write the next thing. I write about as fast as a snail moves, I don't write in a typically popular genre among self-published books, but since I have a story coming out in the upcoming The Thing That Turned Me, figured that I'd do some promo for Pearl to coincide with the anthology's release. It'll be the first time I'm doing something like this, so it'll be interesting to see if it actually moves more copies or not.

I have another Kindle Countdown set for August as well as possibly two ads in ebook-related newsletters that same week, so we'll see if it actually contributes to more sales or not.

In the meanwhile, follow Stay Classy Publications on Twitter and/or Facebook to see some some of the authors and learn more about the stories in The Thing That Turned Me.


  1. Congrats on your sales, Michelle! That's awesome.

    I love your cover. A little author promotion never hurts, but too much can scare potential fans away. Tough to strike the perfect balance sometimes.

    1. Thank you! It's surprising because it's been out a year now. But the short story in the upcoming anthology is sort of related to Pearl.

  2. Yay, 100 pages!! I never know what page I'm on. I draft in single space. I wanna hear how Pearl does! I'm glad you're seeing an uptick this month. ^_^

    1. I draft in double space, but the chapters just kind of run into one another because I don't separate the chapters in draft mode. I'll write if I notice more sales in early August or not!

  3. Congrats on hitting 100 pages! And on getting those sales too :)


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