Long Time, No Post

Just a fly by to let everyone know that I'm alive. Sorry about the radio silence! I've been a bit under the weather this last week or so (it's a cold, but with a gnarly cough), which means I couldn't think clearly enough to think of anything to blog about.

I've been...

  • Hopped up on cold meds, which is always an interesting experience
  • Watching Major League Baseball playoffs. As a devoted Yankees fan, I'm sad that my team didn't get past the wildcard game. But I'm watching both National League (Go Mets, I suppose) and American League games.
  • Reading. A lot. I finished Root of Unity by SL Huang (I think it may be her best one yet) when this cold was simply sniffles and a runny nose and am about 25% through a historical fiction novel about WWI France, Lies Told In Silence by MK Tod.
  • Playing this ridiculous Downton Abbey game on my iPhone. 
  • Paging through an issue of Poets & Writers magazine. 
  • Revising a short story 
  • Deciding not to do NaNoWriMo this year.

What about you? 


  1. I've been coming down with something, too! Grr.

    A Downtown Abbey game sounds fun! I'm probably not going to do NaNo this year. I have a new idea, but I'm not done with my rewrite yet and the idea might not be ready by then anyway. Can't do them all.

    Hope you're on the up and up!

    I didn't even know baseball was still on...is it really still on? They play for forever!

    1. I think the up and down temps we've been having don't help the sickness thing. And yup, baseball is still on! One more series each til the World Series!

  2. Getting back in the saddle? I can relate! :)

  3. I hope you feel better! Add getting 'tons of rest' to your list!

    1. That's most of what I've been doing...hence the hopped up on cold meds :-)

  4. "Go Mets, I suppose" sums up my feelings exactly. Feel better!

    1. Thanks! I'm a little more functional, at least.


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