Comfort Writing

I took a pause yet again on my novel in order to reorganize what I had into different segments, which I think will help me feel less bloody confused. Of course, it's an early draft, so it's okay to be confused, but I want a cleaner draft and a clearer way to the end.

I've been reading a lot (non-fiction this time), I watched a couple of Netflix (The Woman in Gold was awesome), and I've been doing something that I think can be most aptly called Comfort Writing.

You know how you read your favorite genre and it's just cozy and comfortable and makes you feel good? I have that for stories--in my case, Comfort Writing consists of a very Mary Sue character, whoever I'm Google-Stalking at that moment in time, my best friends, and off we go into fan fiction land.

These stories don't get posted and they only get shared with my friends, who have read several fan fictions over the years ("So far, this one's better than the others," my friend Jess told me via email. "You got into the plot by chapter one.") My process is a lot more relaxed--I'm blatantly stealing things from real life, so it's not heading toward any discernible route to publication--and I think that comes across in the many one-liners and weird puns and, frankly, absurd situations.

Because writing's supposed to be fun. I mean, even when it's a pain in the ass, I suppose writing is fun. But there are definitely times when it's more fun than other times.

Oh! And I also wanted to add: Pearl's Kindle Countdown ended on the 15th. It sold 6 copies in the countdown period and there were a couple of borrows, so thank you to everyone who read it!

And good luck to everyone doing Pitch Wars!


  1. I think comfort writing is good. It's a reminder of how much you love to write to get you through the less fun times in the process. I should do something like this the next time a draft is stressing me some.

    Congratulations to Pearl! ^_^

    1. That's certainly true--it's fun because there's no pressure, so it reminds me that I can't the novel too seriously. It's supposed to be fun, on some level.

  2. Comfort writing is definitely a good thing! Same goes for comfort reading. Whenever I feel down or I feel like I'm not getting much done on the page, I start to reread all my favorite books to remind myself what I'm trying to do: creating the sense of euphoria when you can truly leave reality because you're just so engrossed in the book. I want to give that to my readers.

    1. My comfort reading tends to be in a completely different genre from what I'm writing, so that's helpful, too. And the comfort writing is sort of like an extended inside joke among my friends and I.


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