Pearl: An Historical Novella Cover Reveal

Hi everyone!

Pearl: An Historical Novella is super close to being ready to hit the Interwebs. I'll let you know of an exact date when we get there, but I anticipate early next week.

In the meantime, here's the cover, one of the designs from!

Time to a slave only means endless work, but for Pearl, the last ten years have meant time without her younger brother Julius. He was sold away from Barbados, a little island of sugar cane and slavery, but Pearl is still there, the lady's maid to Mrs. Keegan.

After Mrs. Keegan dies, rumor has it that Mr. Keegan may return to his native England with his two children, which means Pearl will be sold for sure. Surprising herself, Pearl asks Mr. Keegan if he intends to sell her. To her shock, he says that yes, he'll return to England—but he's going to free her first. Pearl asks to be taken to England, too, with vain hopes that she'll uncover what's become of Julius—even if it means she'll remain enslaved.

Freed and employed as the Keegans' nanny, Pearl does not know how to begin looking for Julius or how to conduct herself as a free person in a new country. Her search leads to an unlikely alliance with Mr. Keegan, friendship with freed blacks, learning to read and write, and the choices to change her life, on her own terms.


  1. Yay Cover!! And Yay Blurb!! Congratulations!! Can't wait for the release date! I want to read the final version! ^_^

    1. Yay cover! I'm aiming for Monday. There are a couple of bits I added after you beta'd, so there's new stuff in there for you, too.

  2. Great cover! Congratulations. Can't wait to read it.


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