How To Write a Novella

1. Come up with characters.

2. Write a novel with said characters.

3. Realize that you have more fun writing a subplot with a minor character than the main plot.

4. Realize you have no plot.

5. Have beta confirm your troubles with the novel.

6. Revise novel. Query novel. Get rejected.

8. Put novel aside.

9. Realize that you can't let go of the subplot and decided to write a novella.

10. Finish a draft of the novella.

Pearl's story is 98 pages long and 28,444 words. I'm going to let it sit for a few days, then do a re-read because I'm worried that it's still a little choppy. And now that it's its own complete story, I wonder if the resolution seems too easy.

I'll let Pearl have a word:

As she was walking to the coaching inn just after first light, Pearl glanced at her gloves. How worn-through they were. There were holes in the palms and in the grooves between her fingers. Oh, no. If she was going to meet a vicar—not to mention a long-lost brother—Pearl wanted to have new gloves.
            There happened to be a small shop near the coaching inn, which sold all manner of apparel, including gloves. She found a pair, costing only a few pence, and bought them. They were kid gloves, a cheaper version of the kind worn by finer ladies. Still, they didn't have holes in them and, Pearl realized, they were the first gloves she'd ever bought.
            On my own, with my own wages.
            She flexed her fingers. 


  1. ^_^
    A vicar! Must have new gloves indeed. I SO need to pull the backstory out of that one shelved story I have! Okay, made myself a note. :)

    Love Pearl so much! ^_^

    1. Awww thanks! We'll see how I feel about this in a bit.

  2. That's so cool that you made a novella from your main novel. Just goes to show how wonderful of a world and characters you've created!


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