Happy 6th Birthday, Blog!

It's February 12th, which means...

It's this blog's sixth birthday!!

As part of Blog Birthday Week, I created a separate Facebook page for Writer Me (as opposed to Personal Profile Me). It'll mostly be links to random writer things, The Script songs, book reviews, and posts from this blog. I suppose you could leave your comments there, if you wanted, but I'd still prefer comments here--it's more fun that way :-)

Here's the link: Michelle Athy, Writer

So, usually, I do a special post for the Blog Birthday. I've been wracking my brain, trying to think of what to bestow on you guys, my readers, this year.

First, a bit of virtual cake:
Photo courtesy of Meta the Beta

(My friend Nali actually made that cake a couple of years ago for her sister's birthday. It's the Yellow Submarine.)

Here, I'll cut you a slice:

Gorgeous, isn't it? She taught me how to bake, basically, though not a layer cake yet. And what else do we need for a party? Oh, yeah, here's some music: The Script, "It's Not Right For You."

And here are some words of wisdom:


  1. Oh my gosh, that cake is so freaking crazy! It's the coolest inside of a cake I have ever seen!

    HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!! Big congratulations and kudos for 6 years running!

    YAY Quotes!! Words of wisdom indeed! ^_^

    1. Yeah, she really worked hard on it. Food coloring, fondant.

      Yay quotes lol I figured I'd let others do the talking today. Those quotes just resonate with me at the moment.

  2. A very merry unbirthday to you!
    lol jk. had to.


    1. Teehee. True though. My birthday was three weeks ago. :-)

  3. Happy belated birthday, blog! :)


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