The Sunshine Blogging Award

Hi guys! The lovely, awesome, and my blogging buddy Krystal Jane at The Narcissistic Rose has bestowed The Sunshine Award upon moi.

Isn't it pretty? It totes fits in with the decor round here.

As part of the Sunshine Award, I have to answer 10 questions about myself, then pass it along. I'm answering the same questions that Krystal answered on her blog.

1. Favorite Color: Purple. I'm happy with all shades of purple and lavender.
2. Favorite Animals: Ooh...bunny rabbits. Cats.
3. Favorite Number: Um, really? I don't know!
4. Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Mugicha, which is a really refreshing Japanese drink of roasted barley tea that's cooled in the fridge. Or mango juice.
5. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Well, my standard is a rum and coke. I like cranberry and vodka as well, but I get drunk quickly on vodka, so I can't drink too many of those too often. Also, I'm fond of margaritas.
6. Facebook or Twitter: Twitter
7. Passions: Writing, clearly. Reading. Historical stuff. Movies. Music.
8. Prefer giving out or getting presents?: Both.
9. Favorite City: New York. Did you really expect me to say anything different?
10. Favorite TV Shows: Okay, prefacing this by saying I don't watch a lot of TV. But I like MasterChef and Chopped. I'm watching season two of Graceland and am really happy that TURN is getting a second season. I like BBC's Sherlock...and, oh yeah, I'm really into Downton Abbey.

So...all of that being said, now it's time to nominate a few people. I'm nominating Diane Carlisle at Are We There Yet? for her always interesting posts, on writing or other subjects. Nominating Randi Lee at The Emotional Process of Writing a Novel for truly being a ray of sunshine in our blogging world and Michelle Tran at Michelle Tran Writes for her fun posts on writing, her book reviews, and the food pics.

Also, little note: my laptop has to go to the shop for a bit, since the half the hinge seems to be trying to detach from my screen. Not cool. So I'll be laptopless (waaaahhhh) for a bit.


  1. Oh no! Laptop! :(
    Yay, purple!!! ^_^ I do like Chopped. I only tend to watch it at my parent's house though. You know, I really do need to jet set to NYC one weekend. I swear you have everything there.

    Wait, they make mango juice?!

    1. Laptop :( I'm writing off a thumb drive on my dad's comp today. Hopefully, the laptop won't be gone too long!

  2. Thanks for the nomination! I love Sherlock and purple too!

  3. Purple was my fav. color lol. Hm hm hm! It really does go with your blog. That's cute haha.

    1. What's with writers and purple? Michelle Tran says it's her favorite color, too.


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