End of Part Three

After some crossing out, reshuffling, and changing the ending of part three into the beginning of part four, I am done with part three of my fourth draft of my WIP.

Yessss. *fist pump*

So, as always, full doc stats first:

Full doc:
Words: 73,718
Pages: 263

Part Three stats:
Chapters: 23 to 40, so 17 chapters
Words: 33,994
Pages: 122

First line:
When Mr. Hogwood of Banner's Edge died childless in December of 1799, the villagers' main topic of conversation revolved around the estate's future. 

Last line:

"Mr. Keegan, I'd like to try to write it myself," Pearl replied, straightening her shoulders.  "I have things I want to say. Miss Gresham can help me."


  1. *fist bump* ^_^
    I love how nosy the entire town sounds with that first line. Lol!

  2. I have to agree with Krystal about the nosy town. It definitely makes things interesting and one can only expect conflict. >:)
    Congrats, Michelle! :D

    1. They are SO nosy...and that nosiness is coming to the fore right now.


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