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Hey everyone,

A short little post to say that I joined Pinterest the other day, for some inexplicable reason. 

Actually, it's because I wanted a place not on my laptop to collect what I call Pretty Writer Quotes. You know, those meme things you see all overz the internets. 

This is me: Sunflowerscribs

A little inspiration will take me pretty far in writing.


  1. I was on Pinterest for a little while. I was either never on it or on it too much. If I could trust myself not to use it to procrastinate I'd get back on. It does make it easy to organize pretty quotes!

    1. I joined it before, then canceled it. A lot of my friends seem to have TONS of boards, but if I can keep it to a Goodreads level, where I'm only updating what I want to read and what I'm reading every so often, then I think I'll be good.

  2. I also have a Pinterest account and forget to use it. lol

    I just never understood the appeal. I do have a few boards I started, but then I was, okay. What next? :D

  3. I can't see me being a huge pinner. I'm not a very visual person lol...and I don't really understand the pinning thing either, but it's nice to have pretty writing quotes in one place. I feel a blog about social media coming on.


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