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The (Insert Occupation)'s (Female Relative): Novel titles

I'm pretty bad at titling, but one title trend I sort of jumped on with my last working title for the WIP was the now-cliched The (Occupation)'s Daughter trend. When I realized that the original working title was no longer adequate, I started calling the WIP The Sailor's Daughters simply because I'd seen the trend and my book is, in fact, about a former sailor. And his daughters.

Then I started seeing that title format everywhere. Maybe it was because I joined Goodreads this year, but more book titles have been in front of me lately, and I am heartily sick of this format. Authors do not often have the final say when it comes to titles.

Titles are marketing:
Is the title memorable? Is it catchy? Does it say something about the story? Does it fit the tone? Has there been anything like it out recently?

I look at the titles I have on my bookshelf: Grania, Lady Macbeth, The Other Boleyn Girl, Lady of the English, Emma, The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte, Songs of Willow Frost,

End of Part Two

Y'all, I have finally reached the end of part two of my book. From here, I expect true smooth sailing because the rest of it is mostly reshuffling/ editing what I already have written in draft three. Part Two was daunting to write; it's a largely transitional part of the book and I gave up on it a few times and got stuck on it and full-on hated it...

But on to Part Three!

So, first, full doc stats:
Words: 39, 707
Pages: 141

Part Two stats:
Chapters: From Chapter 12 to 22, so ten chapters
Words: Part Two has 19,703 words
Pages: Part Two has 68 pages

First line of Part Two:
"He looks horrific. Are thee sure he's not ill?"
(I know, it's two lines. The first line would look weird on its own, no?)

Last line of Part Two:
He didn't give a hint to the steward as to whether he would seriously consider buying the estate or not, but he did like the ring of it: Keegan of Banner's Edge, Bannersley.

By the way, instead of titling this book The Sailor's Daughters (ugh…

My Two Identities

First off, I have two identities...

1. I don't intend to publish under my real first name, so two identities it is.
2. I like the little bit of privacy it gives me.
3. I'm a writer, so naturally, I think I have several more personalities inside. But two is quite enough.

Now on Pinterest

Hey everyone,

A short little post to say that I joined Pinterest the other day, for some inexplicable reason. 
Actually, it's because I wanted a place not on my laptop to collect what I call Pretty Writer Quotes. You know, those meme things you see all overz the internets. 
This is me: Sunflowerscribs

A little inspiration will take me pretty far in writing.

To a Future Writer:

NaNoWriMo has been retweeting these incredible tweets with the hashtag #ToAFutureWriter today. Details at

These are the bits of advice I wish I'd heard as a younger writer...and some advice and experience I think young writers might need in the future, including Future Me.

Grab some popcorn. It'll be wacky and long. Or it may make a good commencement address one day.

Plotting and Plot Bunnies

This is an enduring problem I have as a writer: plotting.

I think I'm more of a drop-characters-into-a-situation-kind of writer. Which is fine, but the dang story needs to go somewhere instead of meandering along, right? I recognize plots, of course, and when I'm reading a novel, I can see what is rising action and what is the climax, for instance, but for whatever reason, doing that in my own stuff has been a challenge.

One of the reasons why I wrote a long outline for the current draft of the current (and sometimes it feels like never ending) WIP is that I wanted to be able to work on plotting.

New Hampshire

As many of you know, I went away for the weekend because I was a bridesmaid in my old college roommate's wedding. Katie and I met on freshmen move-in day for Emerson College in August 2004 and have been friends ever since. We don't see each other all that often since we live in different states, yet we remain in a fairly constant stream of communication---texts, emails, lots of Facebook. Ah, the miracles of modern technology.

I haven't been on many vacations since the start of this blog due mostly to lack of funds or lack of ideas of places to go, but Katie's from New Hampshire and that's where her wedding was, so up to NH I went.