Hating Technology: A Half-Rant

Hey peeps,

Let me tell you a story.

Last night, I was peacefully watching Benedict Cumberbatch talk away on YouTube. I finished watching the third season of Sherlock the other day and I'm on a Cumberbatch high, therefore YouTube videos.

I noticed that my personal Gmail address was in the right hand corner of the page. So I switched accounts to the nickname channel I had created some time back, but the second I went on to another video, there was my email address, back in the corner.

So then I decided to see if I could unlink my Gmail from my YouTube. Because though my ONE playlist is set to private, the whole linked account thing freaked me out a bit.

I looked around for an answer, because YouTube, of course, can't simply have a "delete account" button somewhere. Oh, no. You have to either delete your entire Google account (which, for me, would involve email, Google Docs, Google Play, Google + AND Blogger...like, are you kidding me?) or it said something like delete your Google + account and then it'll unlink to YouTube.

So I deleted my Google + page. It unlinked from YouTube, though I noticed just a second ago, that my email address is still up in the corner. Why can't it just go to the nickname account all the time? So annoying. Just because it can be linked together, doesn't mean I don't want it to be linked.

At the same time, I decided to make a different Gmail address. Said Gmail address serves as the email for this blog now, for one thing. I decided to create the new account under the name I intend to write under, which is my middle and last name. This way, when I submit to contests, send queries, decide to create author pages on various social networks--when that time comes, it'll be under the same name, a matching email, and it won't clog up my regular inbox.

So, if we were in circles on Google +, that's been deleted now and I'm on Google + under the new email address. I'm adding back all the blogs I followed onto Blogger reader now and when I drop by your blogs, there's a chance that it'll be under a different email address, too.

I'm still trying to see if I can get rid of this linked YouTube thing or at least get it to where it's the nickname that comes up, so I can watch Benedict Cumberbatch talk without thoughts of Big Brother. Or at least, the NSA. Or potential employers.


  1. Yeah, Google is really adding stress to crap lately. I'm constantly having to switch my youtube account back over to the nickname. I logged in from my phone one day and thought all my saved videos were gone. Naturally I cursed them and freaked the hell out before I realized it was defaulting to my email account for whatever stupid, asinine reason.

    1. Yeah, the constant switching was getting to me. Just stay on the nickname, YouTube!

  2. The more people use technology to commit irresponsible acts, the more we get punished with added security measures. It sucks, but I understand the reasoning behind it.

    1. True, true. I get why Google links all its services together and it is convenient, but that doesn't mean that everyone wants everything linked together.

  3. And when you try to follow blogs by Google account, they try and get you to verify your phone number now! How crazy is that? Wow.

    1. Yes! I noticed that every time Google wants me to update my security measures.


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