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Hating Technology: A Half-Rant

Hey peeps,

Let me tell you a story.

Last night, I was peacefully watching Benedict Cumberbatch talk away on YouTube. I finished watching the third season of Sherlock the other day and I'm on a Cumberbatch high, therefore YouTube videos.

I noticed that my personal Gmail address was in the right hand corner of the page. So I switched accounts to the nickname channel I had created some time back, but the second I went on to another video, there was my email address, back in the corner.

So then I decided to see if I could unlink my Gmail from my YouTube. Because though my ONE playlist is set to private, the whole linked account thing freaked me out a bit.

I looked around for an answer, because YouTube, of course, can't simply have a "delete account" button somewhere. Oh, no. You have to either delete your entire Google account (which, for me, would involve email, Google Docs, Google Play, Google + AND, are you kidding me?) or it said something like delete …

I'm Not Moving: Now On

I wrote fanfiction as a teenager and never posted it. And thank God I didn't, 'cause that stuff was awful.

I wrote a short little fanfiction story in, like, 2012 and though I posted it on this blog and you can totally read it should you feel like trawling the tags...

I just posted it on

Why? Why not?

Here's the link:

I'm Not Moving

I can't say it's exactly a serious writing attempt--not like the novel--but I'm tired of not having readers of some kind lol

Don't expect this to become a habit. This is the only completed fanfiction that didn't veer into Men I've Google-Stalked I've ever written.

On Finishing Jane Austen's Novels

I finished reading Mansfield Park today, which means that I have now read all of Jane Austen's six finished novels.

Oh, Book...

Dear Sailor's Daughters or whatever I end up calling you,

Where do you begin? I mean, seriously. This is only my fourth time writing you. ;-\

I know where you begin chronologically, but where does the story begin? And why is this oaf named Taylor taking over my story into some weird runaway slave/blackmail story? I mean, I'm glad this inciting stuff has a purpose now, but I don't want it to be all about him. He's not the main character here! He's not even the main antagonist!

What the hell is going on in this book?! One second, we're talking about an employee leaving and the next we're talking about a sugarcane harvest and oh, dear God, why are we sucking so much at description, book?

Right now, Miles and his wife, Adele, are talking over their options after Taylor has blackmailed them via letter and the point of the novel comes out from this whole mess of a beginning because it's about family. Soon, Taylor will start making more unpleasant insinuations…

The Secret Daughter of the Tsar

Bringing over a review I wrote on Goodreads for a novel I finished reading in a day because I was so excited to read it and keep going as I was reading.

The Secret Daughter of the Tsar by Jennifer Laam
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This alternate history book was a real gem. Like a lot of people, the minute I learned the story of the last Romanovs and the subsequent people who claimed to be Anastasia, I was fascinated. Secret Daughter of the Tsar isn't about Anastasia, but a (fictional, obviously) fifth daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra.

The story unfolds through three different time periods--Imperial Russia in the early 20th century, Occupied Paris during WWII, and modern day Los Angeles. Lena, Charlotte, and Veronica are all strong female characters without devolving into the histrionics of a lot of "strong female characters." I found them to be fully dimensional women. It's lovely to read a historical fiction novel with women at the center.

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What "Law and Order" is Teaching Me About Plotting

A couple of months ago, my family decided to change our cable provider. The one we'd had caused our cable and Internet to go out during high-wind situations (though, curiously, we kept both TV and Internet during Hurricane Sandy) or heavy rainstorms or just for the hell of it. So, when a new cable provider moved into town, we jumped.

Of course, this means that many of the cable channels we have are on differently numbered channels. The package we got with the new cable company is a little bit different to the one we had.

We've been watching a lot of Law & Order.

I mean, a LOT of Law & Order.


What Non-Writers Don't Get About Writers

Dear Writer Friends,

Have you talked about your writing--maybe just a little--with someone who doesn't write?

It's a bizarre, disconnected experience sometimes, isn't it?

There are the people who demand to know what you're writing about. Like, why? Just nod and wish me luck. Don't demand the story out of me. I don't demand the details of your inner thoughts, do I?

Or the ones who recount a story or an anecdote and then go, "Oh, you should write that!" Um, no.

Or the people who have a story idea--a pretty good one--and you tell them you look forward to reading it when they're done. And then they never write it.

Or the ones who think that you're really procrastinating by claiming to revise. No, actually, I really am revising because it's not ready. I'm not on deadline, so I can take as long as I freaking want to.

No, really, I did have to research that. Why? What do you mean why? Because I've never switched bodies with someone else/l…

More Downton Abbey Predictions, Season 5 edition

Season Four of Downton Abbey has ended here in the U.S. and the cast and crew are back to work on the next season now.

Which, naturally, has me thinking of what might happen come Season 5. Here is some early Season 5 casting news.

So, Downton fans, what do you think will happen next season? Obviously contains spoilers for season 4 below.