NaNo '13: Day 22

So, as some of you may have read, I hit 50,000 on Sunday the 17th. I'm still writing and the word count is still going up because I'm now trying to finish this story.

This is excerpt four, part of the AW NaNoWriMo Excerpt Blog Chain.

Ailey eats the remnants of the Thai food while Lily and Emma watch the news, only half paying attention. That is, until the anchorwoman says, "And from Queens, four local politicians have been arrested today, charged with bribery and conspiracy to fix the upcoming mayoral race."
            Emma glances at Lily, who looks back at her wide-eyed.
            "One of the men is the chair of Queens County's Democratic party. Two of the men are city councilmen…" Emma sits up. "They represent districts nineteen and twenty-three." All three men's photos flash up on screen. Emma recognizes the two identified as city council members. "The fourth man is Ernest Holden." Emma gasps. "Holden is the campaign manager for incumbent Queens City Council member Eric Foster."
            Lily groans. "Shit."
            "Foster is, of course, brother to public advocate Robert Foster, currently running for the Democratic nomination for mayor."
            Emma groans. Oh, yes. Link the two. The campaign manager's corruption will link to Dad, tarring him with the brush. It'll stain Uncle Bob, too.
            "Foster was not linked to the conspiracy, which the FBI is investigating. And now to New Jersey, a curious sight in Bergen County this afternoon had residents…"
            Lily turns to Emma. "That is not good."
            "There'll be a statement tomorrow. Early."
            "Joint statement, you think?"
            "Maybe. Unless Uncle Bob decides to distance himself."
            "He does hold a citywide position," Emma says. "But can he claim no knowledge? They both know all of those men."
            Lily lets out a huff. "It'll be tricky."
            "How could Ernie do something like that?" Emma wonders aloud.
            "You guys sound like political strategists," Ailey remarks.
            "Hey, this was our childhood," Lily shoots back. "I come from the least political branch of the family and even my father tried to run for county manager when I was thirteen. As if Nassau County's ready for an Asian man to lead them. But hey, they didn't mention who the candidate was—the one they were trying to fix the nomination for."


  1. Nice little bit of drama. :)
    How close are you to being done?

    1. Mmm, maybe another 10,000, 20,000 words. Something like that.


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