The Most Famous Book Set In Every State

My friend Meta the Beta sent me this yesterday. It's a story on Business and it's called The Most Famous Book Set In Every State.

Cool, huh? Scroll down on the link for the book summaries. What's the supposed most famous book set in your state?

From Nudelman

The Great Gatsby is on the list for New York, my home state. It might be the most taught book taking place in New York, but I'd counter that A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is also a famous book set here. Or that Walden is hardly the only famous book written about Massachusetts. I had to read The Scarlet Letter, Ethan Frome, and The Crucible in school.

So. Agree or disagree with any of the choices?


  1. Michelle, your link is missing the "h" in http.
    Illinois's most famous book is supposedly The Jungle. Ick.

    1. Sorry guys. Link is fixed!

      Yeah, I don't really think The Jungle when I think Ilinois.

  2. Awesome! Of course The Wizard of Oz is for Kansas. :) I have The Client by John Grisham for Tennessee. Hmm...I've heard of it, but I don't know anything about it.

    And I'm more likely to equate The Crucible with MA or any of the other two you mentioned. I've never heard of Walden.

    1. I had to read Walden in Freshmen Comp in college. I don't remember it that well. Little Women also takes place in Massachusetts.

      The Client, huh? Really?


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