Downton Abbey season 4

Photo credit: Nick Briggs/Carnival Films

Downton Abbey season 4 starts back in the UK this coming Sunday. It won't air in the U.S. until January.

The series 4 press pack was recently released. Very veiled spoilers. You can see most of the characters who will be featured in the season.

Season 4 starts six months after last year's Christmas special. The Downton estate is once again in a state of flux after Matthew's death. Not only is Mary, his widow, still deep in mourning, but the heir to the estate is a six-month-old baby boy.


  1. At first I thought, "January!" Then I realized it was only 3.5 months away. Still, lucky British fans. I still haven't seen this, but I see Maggie Smith! I love her. :) (Harry Potter reference withheld. Lol!) If I'm remember (and I'm sure you'll mention it ^_^) I'm going to try and catch some episodes this season. It looks like something I would find entertaining.

    1. It comes on in January over here, yeah. But I'm incapable of waiting that long for my Downton fix (it's a drug), so I watch it over the Interwebs by some, um, well, illegal means. Then I watch it again when it comes in January. And I have to be careful of spoiling things because some of my friends watch it online at the same time I do and others wait for the U.S. broadcast.


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