Lazy Toward the End

Current word count: 108, 275
Current page count: 386

So I am definitely writing (mostly copy/ pasting) toward the end of draft 3 and I am sliding into my typical end-of-the-freaking-story behavior. I am copying and pasting scenes from the second draft in, because they fit, but instead of going through them and correcting them, fixing them up, I'm just leaving them there with minor corrections.

Why do I get so freaking lazy toward the end of a book?

This has happened with every book I've written, resulting in a hell of a lot of work after the draft is over and a really sucky last third of the book. And I don't want it to happen this time. I mean, I'm definitely heading toward 4th draftville after this, but I don't want 4th draft to be as rewriting heavy as this 3rd one has been.

Basically, I need this part to build to the climax and then end. That's it. Yet I can't seem to get my brain to agree with my logic and actually do it. I used to think it's because I get tired by the characters and the story at this point, but I don't think it's necessarily tiredness. I've been working on some form of this story for, like, two years?

Does anybody else come across end of the book laziness?


  1. I'm having editing laziness right now -- I want to just skip editing on the last 10 or so chapters I have to do and send it straight out to betas. :(

    I edit by chapter, though, and I skip around (unless there are large structural changes, which there aren't for this book). So if I stopped now it would be more like every fourth chapter was crappy! I'm not sure if that's a better situation than yours or not . . . ;)

    1. I should be excited. It's pay off on all that set up time! But, no. Instead I skim scenes and go,"Eh...I'll do it later."

      Think I'll go back into it later today, move this one scene to later on where it'll work better, then

      I think when I read it through, once I'm done, I'll do it by chapter. That's a good idea.

  2. Oh thank god, finally a blog I can just hit "follow". So blessedly easy. :) I find I get lazy as soon as I hit the editing stage more than anything else. It's terrible because I have beta readers saying "you should switch this scene around" and the lazy part of me yawns and goes, "hm, I could. But maybe later".

    Found you on AW btw. :) Love your blog.

    1. Hi Erin! I've seen you around on AW. I'm still working out structural issues in this draft, so I really shouldn't be feeling so lazy. I have new, big scenes to write and everything...and all I can see are the parts where I have major editing to do in this draft go-around. Thanks for the follow!

  3. Congratulations on being so close!
    I always worry that I'm not editing enough when I get close to the end. Then I look at the clock and realize I've been on the same chapter for 2 hours, even though it feels like 20 minutes.

    Where I know I get lazy though is on the last run through before I call it finished. At this point I'm usually so exhausted, I just want to get it over with and call it done. I burn some serious midnight oil when I'm close to finishing something (every single draft). And the sooner I finish the sooner I can get some sleep and catch up on all the tv I missed when I was being crazy.

    1. I have to move a scene, edit a sequence, add more dialogue to a following scene, then move my characters into the shitstorm that is the climax, then smooth them out. Ugh. I can do this.

      And when I finish this, I get to read it through and cringe. Yay!


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