I Hate the Font on My Blog: Blog Layouts

All right, so I said that I'd do a post on blog layouts one day. "One day" has become today because I decided that I hate the font used for my posts.

In the four years that this blog has been up, there have been many changes and tweaks to the layout. Sidebar to the left, sidebar to the right. Two sidebars on either side. Two sidebars on one side. I can't show you any of the past templates and designs. Just know that there was a lot of purple.

Ads here, ads there. Solid background, picture background.

What you do with your blog is up to you. But there are some basic webpage design tenets, if you will.

1) Make your text easy to read and make the background darker than the text. Also, make sure the text and background don't clash.

2) Do not write in a big block of text. Separate your paragraphs with space (white space makes things look cleaner and more manageable). Use pictures. Embed videos. Do something to break up the text.

3) Images, people. I don't pepper all of my posts with images, but visuals make a difference.

4) Clutter. Don't. It's one of the reasons why I changed my layout to a sidebar on one side instead of on either side of my posts. I feel like it's neater.

5) Navigation. Make it easy for people to go from post to post or page to page. On Blogger, labels are a huge part of this; label every post under a category, so when readers click on a category, they can find it.

I'll leave other suggestions to you, readers. In the meantime, I'm going to fiddle with some minor things on my blog, things people probably won't even notice.


  1. Disliking my font is what led to my last blog overhaul, and also why I don't use other blogger templates from around the web.

    Not being able to see my blog posts (because I had a transparent background) prompted the first overhaul.

    I'm with you. I just want something uncluttered. Something pretty and organized that looks like the kind of page I would have.

    1. I changed the font late last night and I'm all right with it for the time being.

      I think my last template was Simple. I don't like a lot of clashing colors or pop-ups or too much stuff everywhere.

  2. Excellent notes! I tend to wander away from blogs with too much going on. And I don't like the ones with so many images that they bog my laptop down and it's impossible to scroll down the page. I like your layout--looks good and is easy to follow!

    1. Thank you, Randi. This may be a personal quibble, but I don't like it when there's too much stuff going on.


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