Interior Decorating For Writers

Reading another writer's words--whether in their work, their letters or memoirs, or just a simple, pithy quote--can be enormously inspirational. 

My very lavender walls used to have posters on it. Movie poster there, photos there, magazine picture of an actor I had a crush on there, collage my friends and I made of a band we liked over there...

Things have come up and come down on my walls. Either I got sick of looking at it. Or I outgrew it. Or the tape didn't hold up against the walls. 

So recently, I've been cutting up bits paper I have, writing something on it, and taped it firmly. 
Sometimes it's something I thought funny in its utter accuracy:

Or just quotes I came across that I loved and thought I should try to live by: 

Or just a quote that resonated and something I think I should look up, read, and remember as I carry forward writing:

So writers out there, what do your writing spaces or desks look like? 


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