There's an App For That

Photo from Wikipedia Commons by Zach Vega

I'm still in the honeymoon period with my iPhone, which means that apps are miraculous things to me. I downloaded Facebook, Twitter and Blogger on the second day of iPhone ownership, I downloaded GoogleBooks, I am now addicted to Words With Friends and Angry Birds and then I wondered---

Are there any apps that could benefit writers? 

I have two that I want to tell you about.

WriMoDemon is a free app that could absolutely help someone stay on track for NaNoWriMo. You have an end goal (50,000 words), you enter your daily word count everyday. The app tells you how much you've done and how much you have left. The app gives you all the great stats that NaNo does and best of all, since it's on your phone, you don't necessarily have to wait for November to do your WriMo. I have not tried this app out yet (though I downloaded it)--I'll use it for NaNo 2012 ;)

WriteChain, also free, has a daily word count goal that you can set (mine is currently set at 300 words). You add in how many words you've written during your writing session. You can edit that writing session if you write more later on that day. If you keep up the word count you set for yourself, then you keep the links in the chain going. If you miss out on a day or two (or however much leeway you're giving yourself), then the chain is broken and you have to start again.

Anybody else out there know of any cool writing-related apps?


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