A New Commenty Thingy

Hey everyone,

So, you know how I'm a shameless wench when it comes to comments, right?

I mean, I think it's the endless, slogging quest of any type of artist to elicit a reaction out of people.

And that's how I'm going to tangentially relate this post to my blog.

Basically, I've installed a comment system called Disqus. You may have seen this on other blogs you visit. You can like or dislike the post, similar to Facebook, and you can reply directly to a comment and I can even respond to what you say via email.

How awesome is that?

The only thing is, you'll have to do a quick log-in through Yahoo, Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, etc. If you want do just do a flyby comment, enter a name in the OpenID option.

'Kay? Okay.

In other news, I've been pondering whether this long ass scene from my first draft should be cut out completely or not...


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