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A New Commenty Thingy

Hey everyone,

So, you know how I'm a shameless wench when it comes to comments, right?

I mean, I think it's the endless, slogging quest of any type of artist to elicit a reaction out of people.

And that's how I'm going to tangentially relate this post to my blog.

Basically, I've installed a comment system called Disqus. You may have seen this on other blogs you visit. You can like or dislike the post, similar to Facebook, and you can reply directly to a comment and I can even respond to what you say via email.

How awesome is that?

The only thing is, you'll have to do a quick log-in through Yahoo, Twitter, Disqus, Facebook, etc. If you want do just do a flyby comment, enter a name in the OpenID option.

'Kay? Okay.

In other news, I've been pondering whether this long ass scene from my first draft should be cut out completely or not...

There's an App For That

I'm still in the honeymoon period with my iPhone, which means that apps are miraculous things to me. I downloaded Facebook, Twitter and Blogger on the second day of iPhone ownership, I downloaded GoogleBooks, I am now addicted to Words With Friends and Angry Birds and then I wondered---

Are there any apps that could benefit writers? 

I have two that I want to tell you about.

WriMoDemon is a free app that could absolutely help someone stay on track for NaNoWriMo. You have an end goal (50,000 words), you enter your daily word count everyday. The app tells you how much you've done and how much you have left. The app gives you all the great stats that NaNo does and best of all, since it's on your phone, you don't necessarily have to wait for November to do your WriMo. I have not tried this app out yet (though I downloaded it)--I'll use it for NaNo 2012 ;)

WriteChain, also free, has a daily word count goal that you can set (mine is currently set at 300 words). You add i…

Why I Write

Through high school and college, I had to write the pesky "Why I Write" essay or the peskier "How I Started And Keep Writing and Why I Should Be a Writing Major" essay.

I've been vaguely thinking about digging out one of those old college entrance essays. I'm curious to read what I wrote back then. I thought I was serious about my writing then, but I feel like it was playtime compared to now.

Inspired by this.

2,000 visits!

I just noticed that this blog has hit 2,000 page views! Thanks so much guys! That's so awesome!

Now can we hit 100 comments, I wonder?

A Victory of Research

Yesterday and today were more research days rather than writing days.

And no, "research" is not a euphemism for "Internet stalking." Really.

That's another good thing about revision; in addition to taking care of the actual writing, there is a chance to explore more research.

I was redoing Chapter Two last night--I decided to bring up a scene that was on page 88 of my first draft to the second chapter. Basically, Mady and Alex are in the garden of the square they live in while in Bristol with their nursemaid when a man comes up to them and demands that they leave.

It works better toward the front of the story--sets up conflict.

Today is Read Aloud Day

From NaNoWriMo's Twitter:

It's World Read Aloud Day! Share a story with a loved one, or use it as a way to work on your novel! 
I don't normally like being read to, because I think there's a right and a wrong way to read aloud. 
There's also a slight cringe factor that comes into play. It's awkward listening to your own work being read out--especially if it's not really meant to be read out. It's a short story or a novel or an essay, not a monologue.

Why Rei Doesn't Like Writing Craft Books

When I was in high school, I decided that writing was the only thing I'm any good at (still true) and as there were no creative writing classes in my high school, as usual, I turned to outside-of-school sources to educate and illuminate my increasing seriousness about writing. 
My English teachers (when not force-feeding Shakespeare down my gullet; you'd think he was the only playwright who ever wrote in the English language. Or when they weren't reading far too much into the type of hat Holden Caulfield wore) taught us the basic literary devices. Similies. Metaphors. Allusions. Ambiguity. 
But I wanted to know basic sort of writing questions, so basic that they may qualify as stupid questions.

Mary and Matthew, Downton 3

New photos from the set of Downton Abbey, which is filming its third season now.

I wonder whether Matthew and Mary's impending wedding will go off without a hitch?

Edited to add:



Today is Hinamatsuri or Japanese doll festival or Girls' Day.

In houses with girls--and space--a platform, covered in red cloth, is displayed with neat rows of dolls and objects.

There's an Emperor and Empress, musicians, chests of drawers, lanterns...

And of course, there's a song.