Happy Birthday Blog!

Three years ago today, in a fit of insomnia and curiosity, I signed up for Blogger and began posting the chapters of the story I was working on at the time. It was a small, private blog, not meant for anybody beyond a tight circle of friends.

This blog has grown organically, as you can probably tell. I tried to reorganize some of the posts and labels a month ago, but after a little bit of shuffling around, I decided not to change things drastically. Because a) it's confusing and b) What's the point in trying to be organized about it now, I ask you?

Over the course of its life, The Sunflower's (Often Snarky) Scribbles has changed formats, backgrounds, design, privacy/public status and titles.

As it was in the beginning, I want it to mostly chronicle my writing process, the research and revision and the oftentimes odd questions that pop up when one is writing a novel (most of those can be found under Crazy Writer Stuff. Seriously. It's a riot.) Of course, the stories have changed and therefore, so has the focus of this blog as I write through.

I say to my friends that this blog doesn't really have a focus, per se. I mean, yes, it's about writing. But besides the dogged typing of words, the banging of your head into keyboards, the glee, the disgust, the reading of others' works and the utter jealously that can consume someone as they read...

What was my point again?

Oh. Right. Writing is a process. This can range from the very technical aspects of English grammar to the building blocks of fiction (plot, character, rising action, falling action) to the more hippy-dippy considerations of "What is the meaning this? What are my characters seeking?" to the things I find enthralling because of the story or a character or an author or a lyric.

So, here is my third birthday wish for you all.

If you blog, why did you begin blogging?

If you don't blog but write anyway, why do you write? What is your process like?

If you do neither, why are you obsessed with Downton Abbey? ; )


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