An adventure, part 1

I have a friend who is allergic to gluten (wheat, basically) and dairy products. This makes eating complicated. I found a recipe that we might be able to hash out, which was vegan, gluten- and dairy-free. We had half the ingredients.

So another friend and I marched off to Trader Joe's to procure the rest of the ingredients. We needed 5 things.

They only had 1. So a trip to Stop & Shop became necessary. We learned that it was across a bridge. Turns out, said bridge is near a major road overpass or something, by the railroad tracks and there are no people in sight.

If anybody needs a place to dump a body, this might be the best location. Even in a pair, even in broad effin' daylight, just...don't do this. As we were saying as we crossed this bridge, there's a thin line between fearless and reckless. Also, we realized that even in our home borough, there are just places we don't go.


We found it!!!

You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if we bought the necessary items. What were we making? What did the finished product look like? Why didn't we take the bus? 

Stay tuned. 


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