The Script. 6/4/11. Rumsey Playfield.

Before I go into dreamland and must wake up for more Adventures in Retail, I wanted to jot down a few things that happened during the concert.

  • Upon reaching the end of the line to wait for gates to open. Rei: "Thank fuck!"
  • Lead singer of opening band, Safetysuit, says, "We're playing the greatest city in the world." Crowd cheers. Jessi: "Aww. I bet they say that in every city."
  • Lead singer during "We Cry," singing the last bits of "together we cry-y. Cry-y." Goes down front row, thrusting the mike into peoples' faces. 
    • Lead singer: "together we cry-y." Random Front Row Person: (very off-key) "Cr-yyyyy" Everyone else: cringing
  • Before playing "Nothing."
    • Guitarist: "So if you have a drink, cheers. If you don't...I can't fucking help you there. By a show of hands, how many of you drunk dial? Drunk dialing, drunk texting, twitter, facebook...all the same thing. Those of you who raised your hands, you're very honest. The rest of you standing there with your hands in your pockets, you're probably texting right now."
    •  Our friend Danny here has that problem. This next song is not about Danny's drinking problem. I'd like to write a song about Danny's drinking problem one day. This song is about his drunk dialing problem."
  • Guitarist: "Man, we're playing Central-fucking-Park!"
  • Guitarist: "So, at his count of 3, you guys go mental! It has to be 3, because he can't count up to's a lead singer thing..."
    • Later. Lead singer says, "4." Guitarist: "Oh, shit, you can count to 4!"
  • Girl jumps up on her friend's shoulder. Waves and screams to get attention. Lead singer walks the opposite way. My friends and I laugh our asses off. 
  • "So they told us we had to play a little lower than I want you guys to blow the--well, this place doesn't have a roof..."
  • And:  the script 


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