I'm trying to figure out exactly how I have managed to forget how to write proper paragraphs of description.

Because what I have down, so far, in 48 pages of this particular rehash is....a teensy bit of description and a lot of dialogue. Streams of dialogue. It's starting to look more like my ScriptFrenzy challenge than any of the other past books I have written.

But: I have an idea of where this one is going. As in, we begin with father and two children moving into the neighborhood. Part One is consumed with them fitting into the society in their new country/ village/ etc. Part Two...remains to be seen. Somehow, the father meets and courts a widow in London and then, somehow, travels to France during the very short Treaty of Amiens.

Why? Why the hell not?

I'm going to get this up to 50 and then put a halt on it and revise the first 50 pages into something more acceptable for Buzzy. Hopefully, by doing so, Delilah (my muse) will reappear.

I'll blog about the quickie revision because I'm going to use the methods Writer's Digest suggested. These methods are quite interesting.


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