Last week, I had my typical middle-of-a-book "crap, what I'm writing is utter crap and I'm a failure and I can't write real characters and why am I doing this again?" moment. It lasted about two days. I considered:

  • cutting down the time frame (but wouldn't that diminish the dramatics in the 1530s? and wouldn't that make Iggy's wandering seem kind of...odd...without seeing the insulated world he grew up in?) 
  • cutting down the number of POVs (currently five, all in third-person, however, so it's not confusing to read, I hope, but it gets a little confusing to write)
  • Adding a POV (Robert's, which I decided against today)
  • scraping it and starting over again
  • crying
  • changing Iggy's appearance (because that would've made a difference how...?)
  • going back and editing it RIGHT THIS SECOND (that would be Buzzy, my inner editor, speaking)
  • Blurting out my troubles in a 5 am blog post

What did I do instead? 

  • Read some Downton fanfiction and googled photos of the actor who plays the Irish chauffeur on that show
  • Went to sleep
  • Went to work and thought out my story dilemmas while fixing the clearance rack 
  • Showered
  • Re-read what I had down and realized that while it might be repetitive in spots and there definitely is going to be one heck of a revision on this baby--it's not terrible, in places it's quite good, I've improved a lot as a writer over the last few years and this one is a little better (though very different) from Last Request. So I kept going with it. 
  • Read posts on Reasoning With Vampires and realized that while my work may need work, at least I'm not writing Twilight
  • chalked my mood up to watching too much earthquake-and-tsunami-and-radiation coverage and PMS 
  • Watched the Irish Film and Television Awards on YouTube instead (Irish people! With Irish accents! Some of them actually speaking Irish! And several Harry Potter/ Tudors actors!)


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