A free book with a very long title

Well, now that I've survived the massive bomb that was this year's Oscar broadcast...Seriously, King's Speech over Social Network? Why am I even surprised, Academy? You always do this! Just because Harvey Weinstein is an exceptional Oscar campaigner does not mean that you have to vote for his movie! Which, for the record, I enjoyed very much, but...

Never mind.

I am happy to report that I have found a book on GoogleBooks that is a) old and therefore, free and b) contains some answers pour moi, regarding nuns and priories and such like...

It's called A History of the Church and Priory of Swine in Holderness. It was published in 1824.

Basically, it's about this one priory in Yorkshire (the same region that my story is set in, actually), which was a priory of nuns--Cistercian nuns--although, apparently, based on some ancient charters, it looks as if this place housed both monks and nuns at some distant point.

It is extremely dry reading; but it's free, so I'll mine it for information. Like, the priory of Swine owned 802 acres of land. When the commissioners made their visitations before eventually dissolving all the monasteries, they found that one of the nuns was pregnant by a priest.

Amazon reports that my cheap research book on the Reformation should arrive by the end of the week.

And Iggy is getting ready to question Sister Agnes, if she knows anything about Sister Benedicta possibly being his mother. He is now 12.


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